コーナーキック。ゴールラインを割ったときに最後に触れた選手が守備側だった場合、ボールの出たところから近いコーナーアークから相手に邪魔されない形でキックすることができる。直接ゴールを狙ってもよい。 #フットサル #サッカー #ユニフォーム

Experiment 04 — Mark As Read

We collected lots of great insights in the last four weeks on people’s mark-as-read workflows. In Experience 04, we are adding to the lab application five different ways to mark articles as read.

Option 1. Tap on the check button on the top right of the page to mark the content of the page a read

Option 2. Long press on an article and mark the items before or after that article as read

Option 3. Use the swipe from right to left to mark a specific article as read (extend the gesture and hide the article)

Option 4. If you have auto-mark as read on scroll configured on Feedly Web, that setting will now be honored in the Lab app and articles will get automatically marked as read as you scroll. You can configure auto-mark-as-read on-scroll in this preference section

Option 5. At the end of each source and feed, there is a button to let you mark the articles you reviewed as read (and jump to the next source of feed)

Finally, we fixed the swipe-to-close article bug (and added a symmetric gesture for people who prefer to swipe from the right)

Three questions for the community:

Question 1. Do the 2-level swipe left to “mark-as-read and hide” feel natural?

Question 2. Do these 5 mark as read options cover all your needs?

Question 3. What would be the top 1 or 2 features you would like to see added over the next 4 weeks for the Lab app to become your default reader?

We created the Feedly Lab to give a voice to the community and make our development process more collaborative and transparent. So far the conversations have been very rewarding and insightful. Thank you!

Looking forward to your input on this new experience on channel 04 of the Feedly Lab Slack.

-Edwin, Emily, and Petr

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自陣の第2ペナルティマークより前方でのファウルの場合は、相手は第2ペナルティマークからフリーキックを行なう事ができる。これを「第2PK」と呼ぶ。 #フットサル #サッカー #ユニフォーム