吸汗速乾性の生地を使用したスポーツシーンに特化したスウェットジップフーディー。 同素材のスウェットパンツとセットアップとしての着用もオススメ。 切替デザイン、レーザー圧着加工など、拘りのあるデザインがポイント。 素材:ポリエステル 100% サイズ:XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL カラー:BLACK,NAVY,GRAY
XS: 64cm 84cm 46cm 10cm
S: 65cm 85cm 49cm 10.25cm
M: 66cm 86cm 52cm 10.5cm
L: 68cm 87cm 55cm 10.75cm
XL: 70cm 88cm 58cm 11cm
XXL: 71cm 89cm 61cm 11.25cm



吸汗速乾性の生地を使用したスポーツシーンに向けアイテム。 同素材のジップフーディーとセットアップとしての着用もでき着心地の良さも特徴です。 レーザー圧着加工など拘りのあるデザインがポイント。 素材:ポリエステル 100% サイズ:XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL カラー:BLACK,NAVY,GRAY
XS: 71cm 97cm 27cm 69cm
S: 74cm 100cm 28cm 70cm
M: 77cm 103cm 29cm 71cm
L: 80cm 106cm 30cm 73cm
XL: 83cm 109cm 31m 75cm
XXL: 86cm 112cm 32cm 76cm


How to Send Newsletters On Demand

There are some common questions about the “send now” feature for team newsletters. Here is a quick reference to guide you through the steps.

Sending newsletters on demand makes it easy to grab a snapshot of your team boards and feeds. We want to help your team move forward and save time!

Time is of the essence, so let’s review the steps and jump into your questions!

How To Send Now:

  1. Save new articles to your board (Nothing saved since the last email, the board won’t send now)
  2. Open your Newsletter dashboard
  3. Select the board or feed to send now
  4. Click send now
Newsletters are proving to be a useful tool for team collaboration.
Our teams use them internally, and we will keep building with your feedback in mind.

Thank you to all the teams who have sent questions, feedback, and bug reports!


Why didn’t I receive my newsletter? Common problems & solutions:

  • No new articles saved since the last newsletter sent. It will only send if there are new articles available (ie. saved) in the board.
  • Solution: For now, we suggest removing and then re-saving some articles to the board. After that, return to the newsletter dashboard and hit “send now” once again.
  • It works the same way the very first time you activate a newsletter and for your future scheduled newsletters.
  • Maybe the newsletter is in spam.
  • Solution: Please check your spam folder and add <teams@feedly.com> to your address book. That will tell your email provider to deliver newsletters to your inbox.

What articles will (or won’t) be included in the newsletter when I hit Send Now?

On-demand newsletters only include new articles saved since the last newsletter sent. This is the most common reason why a newsletter doesn’t send.

To send an on-demand newsletter with specific articles, we suggest removing and then re-saving those articles to the board. After that, return to the newsletter dashboard and hit “send now” once again.

What about analytics?

Coming soon 🙂

How do I add newsletters to my Feedly account?

We suggest starting a 30-day free trial of Feedly Teams. The trial gives you full access to newsletters and our support team. We are here to help you and your team get the most out of Feedly.

Thank you for trying newsletters! Have a question not answered here? Ask us in the comments or in the app.

— Victoria, Remi, and Emily

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科学的根拠に基づく 「がんのリスクを下げる食事」の全貌



2018年7月21日、東京・六本木で人生100年時代のための最新健康・美容情報体感イベント「スマートリィ・エイジングEXPO」(主催・日経ヘルス、日経グッデイ、日経BP総研)が開催された。そこで発表された講演の中から、いくつかの内容をご紹介しよう。第3回は話題の糖質制限食「ロカボ」を提唱する、食・楽・健康協会代表理事、北里大学 北里研究所病院 糖尿病センター長の山田悟さんによる「美味しく楽しく食べて健康に~正しい糖質制限(ロカボ)の勧め~」をお届けする。