Premium Fonts

Feedly Labs has been a really interesting experience for us because it has helped us get a deeper understanding of who the Feedly community is and how we can better serve you going forward.

One of the insights we learned last fall is that the community seems to care deeply about typography.

Conversation on Feedly Lab

Based on that insight, we funded a project focused on giving you more control over fonts and font size through a close partnership with Monotype (one of the best foundries in the world).

Today, we are excited to announce the fruits of that project – which will be available on the Web today and on Mobile, next week.

ITC Charter
Mundo Sans and larger font size

Open Dyslexic Experiment

Dyslexia is also very close to our heart. People with dyslexia have normal intelligence and vision but might have difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words (decoding).

Open Dyslexic

Some fonts have been emerging which are designed around the common symptoms of dyslexia. We decided as part of the premium fonts project to add support for Open Dyslexic and see if switching to that font can help with the decoding or not. If you are suffering from Dyslexia and want to provide us feedback on how we could help make Feedly better, please join the Feedly Lab.

Google Noto and support for more languages

Last but not least, we are have added support for the Google Noto, which is a beautiful font which works well across lots of languages.

Google Noto

If you are consuming lots of international content and need a font preference that works across lots of languages, it might be a very good choice.

Getting started with Fonts

On mobile, you can use the Aa menu which is available in the article viewer to change your font settings (and theme). On the web, you can go to your account settings > appearance.

Some fonts are free and they are available in the free Feedly Basic Plan. Some fonts are premium and they are part of the Feedly Pro and Feedly Team plans.

We love that the idea for this feature emerged from the Feedly Lab. If you love the Web and love reading and what to provide feedback and share ideas with the team, please join the Feedly Lab.

Happy reading!

-The Feedly Team

Deduplication Skill – Leo

It is frustrating to be skimming through your feeds and run into duplicate articles.

This happens for example when you have overlapping keyword alerts where two different keywords exist in the same article. It also happens when some sources publish the same articles into different RSS feeds. Finally, it happens a lot when a company issues a press release and other sources publish that press release with some minor changes.

Giving you the tools and control to tune your feeds is something we care passionately about. Today, we are excited to announce the beta release of a new Leo skill called Deduplication.

What is Deduplication?

This skill helps Leo detect that multiple articles are near exact duplicates of each other and cut that noise from your feeds. On the Web version of Feedly, you will see a small notification at the bottom right of your screen each time Leo removes duplicate from your feeds.

Which language does Deduplication work on?

The Leo deduplication skill works across all languages?

Which Feedly Plan does this skill require?

Because processing duplicates at scale is expensive, this skill will be initially rolled out as part of the Feedly Teams plan.

If you are part of Feedly Teams, there is a preference knob in the Leo settings page to disable this skill.

Beyond near exact duplicates

The deduplication skill is focusing on near exact duplicates. These are articles which have 85% or more overlap. We are working on a different skill called Business Events for articles which are reporting on the same event but with different content. In the case of business events, the content will be grouped instead of being removed.

Thank you!

We want to thank you Aymeric Bernard and Iheb Benabdallah for doing the preliminary ML research behind this Leo skill!



内臓脂肪が落ちやすい体質になるには? じつはラジオ体操でもOK


【PR】食物繊維が通常の2倍以上! 注目の大麦「バーリーマックス」



プレゼンや上司への報告の際に、「君は何を言っているのか分からない」「ちゃんと言いたいことを伝えろ」、そんなふうに言われたことはないだろうか? 原因はあなたの「説明下手」……ではなく、実は、言っている方も言われた方も気づいていない、聞き手の「耳の衰え」が怒りのパワーにつながっている可能性がある。


フリーキックが行なわれたのち、ゴールキーパーが触れるか、クロスバー・ゴールポストに当たるか、ボールがピッチ外へ出るまで、他のプレーヤーはボールに触ることができない。 #フットサル #サッカー #ユニフォーム

How to do NLP and machine learning with Feedly

Are you passionate about the Web, reading, and NLP? Are you curious about how machine learning can help process, filter, and prioritize information more effectively?

The goal of this tutorial is to show you how to leverage the content of your Feedly feeds and boards to run machine learning and NLP experiments using the Feedly API and Colaboratory.

To make things concrete, we are going to create a simple KNN classifier that takes as input the content of The Verge and Engadget, and a board with 50 positive AI articles. Using these inputs, the classifier reliably learns to classify AI and non-AI articles from those sources.

The Colaboratory Cloud Notebook we created has all the building blocks you need to create and run this AI experiment. All in a browser. All this within 20 minutes.

Once you are done with this first experiment, you will also have an example you can easily adapt to your own feeds, boards, and machine learning models!

Open Notebook


Passionate about the Web, NLP and Machine Learning? Join the Feedly Lab on Slack and connect with the Feedly machine learning team!


選手が退場を命じられた(レッドカードを提示された)ことによりピッチ上の選手数が減ったチームは、その退場から2分経過後、あるいは相手チームよりも人数が少ない状態で失点した場合に選手を一人補充できる。 #フットサル #サッカー #ユニフォーム

石原良純 娘の悲鳴に減量を決意!

テレビ界きっての多趣味人で、博識の石原良純さん。50代で人生により磨きをかける日々の中で感じている、カラダのこと、天気のこと、そしてニッポンのこと。何事も前向きに生きれば、日々是好転! 昨年末、雪の金沢に、変則三人家族旅に出かけた石原さん。そこで中1のお嬢さんに“ポッコリと出たお腹”を心配されます。元旦の夜、1年ぶりに体重計に載ったところ…。

破裂すればくも膜下出血! 脳動脈瘤はどう治療する?










今年の事業計画では、会員が楽しく参加できる月例会、加賀百万石ツーデーウオークに加え、2020年東京五輪開催に合わせた「TOKYO 2020参勤ウオーク」を2年間で企画、開催される。会員、市民、県民の皆様にウオーキングの大切さと楽しさをアピールしてまいります。


腰・膝の関節、簡単筋トレで守る 痛み改善し転倒予防


ズボラでも大丈夫! 内臓脂肪を落とす「食事の3つの鉄則」


Topic Classification Skill – Leo

Sometimes you want to follow high volume publications like The Verge, NY Times, or VentureBeat because you trust them but you are only interested in narrower topics like #AI, #MixedReality, or #Blockchain.

Reducing noise and information overload is a problem we care passionately about. We have been working over the last 12 months on a new feature called Leo. You can think of Leo as your non-black-box research assistant – an easy-to-control AI tool which helps you reduce noise in your feeds and never miss important articles.

At its core, Leo is composed of a set of NLP and ML skills that allow you to train him to read, understand, and prioritize the content of your feeds. One of the first skills we are building is Topic Classification.

Leo Topic Modeling Skill

What is Topic Classification?

This skill helps Leo classify articles across 1,000 common topics. Thanks to its topic classification skill, Leo will be able to determine that the article above is about the #retail and #china topics.

Why is this skill useful?

Some sources produce interesting and high-quality content across lots of different topics. Following those sources can result in a large number of articles being added to your feeds, some of which about topics you do not care about. Let’s say that you like Techcrunch, Forbes, and Wired. Following those three sources means that you have to crunch through a thousand articles per week. Some of them on topics you do not care about. With the Leo topic skill, you can train Leo to prioritize articles about #ai across those sources and get the ten articles which are the most relevant to you without having to skim through a large list of articles.

How is Leo learning?

We feed Leo with thousands of articles about each of the thousands of topics that seem to be the most relevant to the Feedly community and generate a terminology and topic model that best captures the nuances across these topics.

Leo then processes all the articles in your feeds and classifies them based on the topic model.

Which languages does Leo understand?

Right now our dataset is English only so Leo only classified articles written in English.

How can you participate?

Leo is in its infancy (Leo 0.1). We are going to need six to nine month of training and quality improvement for Leo to grow and become useful. As part of our Lab effort (more open and transparent development process), we are inviting the Feedly community to contribute to Leo’s training.

You might see at the bottom of some article, a Leo prompt asking you to train Leo about the topics associated with the article you just read. You can in a couple of clicks pick the topics which are relevant and the topics which are wrong.

If you are not interested in participating in the Leo program and think that the footer is a waste of space, there is a preference knob to turn it off in the Leo settings page.

Join the Leo Beta

Thank you

We want to thank Quentin Lhoest for doing the preliminary ML research behind this Leo skill!

Dig deeper

How to do NLP and machine learning with Feedly

女性も要注意! タバコを吸わない人の肺がんの見つけ方



オーダーする際にはデザイン担当者と会って、詳細な打ち合わせをした方が出来上がってきたときにイメージと違ったようなトラブルにも巻き込まれることは少ない。 #フットサル #サッカー #ユニフォーム




























1月6日(日)小松ウーキング協会はJR小松駅発着、恒例の新春ウオーク 「五社巡り」を106名の参加者で開催した。















□情報提供:KWA 村中勝二 氏



選手が退場を命じられた(レッドカードを提示された)ことによりピッチ上の選手数が減ったチームは、その退場から2分経過後、あるいは相手チームよりも人数が少ない状態で失点した場合に選手を一人補充できる。 #フットサル #サッカー #ユニフォーム

肺疾患「たばこ病」、国内に530万人 自覚ない人多く





大人気のパイルアイテムシリーズから左胸のリゾート柄刺繡が特徴のTシャツ。同素材のジップフーディー、テーラードジャケット、ポロ、ショートパンツもラインナップ。カラーバリエーションは豊富な10色展開。 素材:コットン 80%  ポリエステル 20% サイズ:S,M,L,XL,XXL カラー:BLACK,NAVY,WHITE,CAMO,BLUE,PINK,KHAKI,GRAY,ORANGE,RED Model:L size Height:175cm Weight:65kg
S: 66cm 19cm 45cm 16cm
M: 68cm 20cm 48cm 16.5cm
L: 70cm 21cm 51cm 17cm
XL: 72cm 22cm 54cm 17.5cm
XXL: 73cm 23cm 57cm 18cm


風邪かどうかの見極め方は? まず3症状のチェックを




「TOKYOU 2020参勤ウオーク」ページ開設!

「TOKYOU 2020参勤ウオーク」ページ開設!

石川県ウオーキング協会は2019年3月金沢城をスタートし、2020年6月江戸加賀藩邸ゴールの「TOKYOU 2020参勤ウオーク」を企画しました。
道中においては各地のウオーキング協会との協賛ウオークや金沢市提携都市のとの交流&ウオーク、江戸情緒を味わいながら、TOKYOU 2020を開催を盛り上げるために開催いたします。

〇TOKYOU 2020参勤ウオークページ

有森裕子 疲労回復には「冷やす」「温める」をセットで!