Leo and Topics

Broad business and tech publications produce hundreds of articles per week. Not all those articles are relevant to the topics, companies, or products you care about. Manually filtering out the noise can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

Relevance is a problem we are very passionate about. We have spent the last two years designing and building Leo, your AI research assistant to help declutter your feeds and save time.

Unlike black-box recommendation engines, Leo has a set of skills that let you define and control what is relevant to you.

We are excited to show you how the Leo Topic skill lets you track specific topics, companies, and keywords in your feeds.

Let’s get started!

Companies, People, and Products

Leo knows about all the companies, people, and products listed in Wikipedia and in the news. You can ask Leo to look for any of those named entities (and their known aliases) and prioritize articles that are a match.

You can, for example, look for mentions of your competitors or prospects in your industry or tech feeds.

Train Leo to prioritize mentions of Tesla across a set of trusted business sources

Smart Topics

Leo understands how to recognize articles about hundreds of “smart” topics (like artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, blockchain, energy, health, etc..). He’ll be looking for thousands of different terms related to that smart topic. We designed smart topics because an article can be about artificial intelligence without including the term “artificial intelligence”.

Train Leo to prioritize #AI across a set of broad business sources

We continuously teach Leo new smart topics. If there is a specific topic you would like to sponsor, please email leo@feedly.com

Keyword Matches

You can also ask Leo to look for exact matches of a keyword you are interested in. In this mode, Leo behaves like a saved search.

Train Leo to look for exact matches of the “downsizing” keyword in your business feeds

Composable with AND and OR

You can design more sophisticated priorities by combining multiple topics using AND and OR. AND means that both of the topics need to be present. OR means that either of the topics needs to be present.

Train Leo to look for mentions of DNA or CRISPER and cancer in your health industry feeds

Composable with Other Skills

The topic skill can be composed with all the other Leo skills allowing you, for example, to easily prioritize articles that reference a product launch (business event skill) while also being related to #artificial intelligence (topic skill)

Train Leo to prioritize product launch articles related to #AI

Or high severity software vulnerabilities (cybersecurity skill) related to docker (topic skill)

Train Leo to prioritize critical Docker vulnerabilities

Continuously Learning

You can use the Leo “less like this” down arrow to correct Leo when a topic detection is incorrect. This feedback is channeled to the Feedly ML Team and to the datasets used to train Leo, making topics increasingly more accurate and relevant over time.

Leo continuously learns from your feedback

Available Now

The Leo Topic skill is available now on both Web and Mobile for both Feedly Business and Feedly Pro+ users. We look forward to seeing how you train your Leo and how much time you can save.

If you have feedback about the Leo topic skill, you are welcome to join the Feedly Lab slack channel and discuss it with the product team.