Mute Market Reports with Leo

We heard from lots of users that market reports can be a considerable source of noise when you use keyword alerts to track updates about companies.

We are excited to announce a new Market Reports Leo topic. We have taught Leo to read articles and understand if they are about market reports so that you can easily mute them from your feeds and save hours.

Let us show you how it works

Let’s imagine you have keyword alerts to track updates about various Health companies such as Amgen, Novartis, and 23&Me.

Market reports represent a large portion of the articles in our feed

As you can see, a considerable amount of these articles are noisy market reports. Let’s train Leo to read this feed and filter out all the market report articles.

You can find the Mute Filters skill when clicking on Train Leo.

Find the Mute filters skill in your feed

In the Mute Filters editor, you can select the topics and keywords you want Leo to mute. Search for the new Market Reports Topic.

Search for the new #market reports Leo topic

You can see a preview of all the articles that Leo has recognized as Market Reports and that will be removed from the feed.

Leo mutes articles he recognizes as market reports

Leo will continuously read your feed and remove articles he identifies as market reports, letting you focus on the topics and trends that matter to you.

Our feed is now free from any noise coming from market reports

The Leo Market Report Mute Filter helps us cut through the noise and track company updates a lot more efficiently.

Yuan Shen Yu

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