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Declutter your inbox and read without distractions

Newsletters are quickly becoming the best way to get curated insights on specific topics, trends, or industries. But inboxes aren’t the best place for focused reading. Keeping up with newsletters in your inbox can be a disorganized, distracting, and overwhelming experience. 

That’s why you can now get newsletters in Feedly. Keep up with the topics and trends that matter to you, without all the distractions.

“I used to miss a lot of newsletters in my inbox because they would come at different times of day, and they would get put into different folders. Now that I get newsletters in Feedly, I can organize them into one single stream. I can capture and analyze all the content I need.”

Arthur West, Founder of NoCodeDevs

Start getting newsletters in Feedly

Get your email newsletters in Feedly so you can read without distractions and declutter your inbox. Now available to all users in our Pro+ plan.


Subscribe to newsletters with Feedly email addresses

You can now add newsletters to your feeds in Feedly and organize them just like any other source. This feature is available for all Pro+, Business, and Enterprise users. 

Go to the ‘Newsletters’ tab in your Feedly to get started.

Start at the ‘Newsletters’ tab and generate a unique email address for this newsletter. Use that email address to subscribe to the newsletter and get it delivered to your Feedly.

Let’s imagine you are the Director of Operations at an e-commerce company and you need to follow the Exponential View newsletter to keep up with news about retail, business and tech. Here’s how you would get the Exponential View newsletter in Feedly:

  1. Go to the ‘Newsletters’ tab and generate a unique Feedly email address. 
  2. Use the Feedly email address to subscribe to the newsletter.
  3. Assign a name to the newsletter source and choose a feed that you want it to be delivered to.
  4. Success! The content from this newsletter will now be delivered to your Feedly. 

If the newsletter has a double opt-in (to confirm your email address), the confirmation email will be sent to your Feedly, and you’ll have to click the confirmation link before you can receive newsletter content. 

We recommend using a different email address for each newsletter so that you can organize them easily in your feeds. 

Organize and read newsletters with the rest of your content 

Once you’ve added newsletters to your feeds, you can organize, read, and annotate them just like any other source.

This user added the Exponential newsletter to a “Thinkers” feed. They can now skim content from Exponential with the rest of the content in that feed.

If you use Feedly with your team, you can add newsletter content to Team Boards and add notes or highlights to call out the important parts.

Easily read and annotate the content of your newsletters.

I now have a one-stop information hub. I can save time when reading essential information from newsletters on Feedly rather than being distracted by other emails.

Mac Feith, Customer Service Specialist

Leverage Leo to prioritize must-reads 

To keep your reading even more focused, use Leo, your AI research assistant, to filter out any noise and surface the most valuable content for you. 

Train Leo to prioritize the most important topics, trends, competitors, or events in your newsletter content. 

Or, train Leo to mute topics you don’t care about. 

Train Leo to prioritize “artificial intelligence” in newsletters you get in Feedly.

Get newsletters in Feedly

Inboxes aren’t the best place for focused reading. Get your email newsletters in Feedly so you can read without the distractions. Now available to all users in our Pro+ plan.


FAQs about getting newsletters in Feedly

How can I subscribe to a newsletter that requires me to log in to the website first?

You can log in to the website with your real email address. Once you subscribe, set up a rule in your email application to forward the newsletter to your Feedly email. You can then delete it from your email inbox.

Can I automatically forward existing newsletters from my inbox to Feedly?

Yes, you can. Generate a Feedly email address and create a forward rule in your email application to forward your existing newsletters to that Feedly email address. 

Forwarded newsletter emails will show up in your Feedly. We recommend generating one email address per newsletter so that you can easily organize newsletters in your Feedly as individual sources.

Can I import newsletters from my email?

Currently, you can’t import newsletters from your email. However, you can forward newsletters directly from your email (instead of resubscribing on the newsletter website). Generate a Feedly email address and create a rule in your email application to forward each newsletter.

How many newsletters can I subscribe to in Feedly?

Pro+ users can follow up to 25 newsletters. Business users can follow up to 50 newsletters, and Enterprise users can follow up to 100 newsletters.

Can I subscribe to multiple newsletters with the same generated Feedly email address?

Yes, but it is not recommended. We recommend subscribing to newsletters with unique Feedly email addresses for each newsletter so you can then organize them into your feeds.

How can I unsubscribe from a newsletter I added to my feeds?

To unsubscribe from a newsletter, right-click on the newsletter source in the left navigation bar, and click ‘Unfollow’.

Does following a newsletter in Feedly impact the analytics of the newsletter publisher?

No. When you open and read a newsletter in Feedly, the content creator gets the same analytics as when you open and read the newsletter in your inbox.

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